Mission Statement & Values

Mission Statement

To be responsible to the needs of our community by providing timely service in an ethical and professional manner.

The Town of Palm Shores is a thriving riverside town featuring a major corridor of commerce, placing priority on family, business, recreation and increasing land values.

Town Values

  • Partnership – working with our residents to forge a strong and safe community
  • Action – responding to the needs of the community
  • Leadership – demonstrating the highest standard in leadership and commitment
  • Mindful – maintaining a flexible attitude, being receptive to innovative ideas
  • Service – providing the best possible service to all
  • Helpfulness – providing for productive, meaningful communication
  • Obligation – following through on commitments
  • Responsible – being accountable
  • Ethical – demonstrating high standards of integrity, honesty and fairness
  • Standards – maintaining a framework and focus that preserves our vision